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>> Viperium - The Netherlands - Filosofie - 2014-04-08 12:43:13 - Comments

What is closer to realise your dreams? The dream of it or the capability of ceasing it?

>> Viperium - The Netherlands - Filosofie - 2012-11-30 21:08:43 - Comments

How is life? A question many of us ask eachother. Most of the time we dont mean what we are saying or lying how it really is.

What about taking the time to think about how we are doing. For real this time.

Like I am doing right now. Not everything goes the way I planned and still.
I made a delicious Brocolli/mushroom soup today with a baguette. And I really enjoyed it without any stress or bad feelings.

Think what makes you happy and just do it. Life is to short to hesitate about past mistakes. Sometimes you just have to be patient to do so.

>> Viperium - The Netherlands - Filosofie - 2012-01-07 13:16:54 - Comments

Be the person you always wanted to be. Don't limit yourself to the expectations of others. Don't be scared of your success. Be yourself in all your endeavors. Say sometimes the opposite of what you mean. Say more often yes. Embrace the power of life. Do something crazy. Don't hold back! 

Just book a adventure if you can. Make the most of it. You can, right now. Maybe not, later. Think, because it is one of your most powerfull weapons. Don't be discouraged by other people or what those people think of you! You are the one, make the most of it. No one knows how much time we have on this planet. 

So life. 


>> Viperium - The Netherlands - Dreams - 2011-12-06 09:37:06 - Comments

A couple of nights ago. I saw a girlfriend of mine. For some reason I have always had a crush on here. So my heart and mind was making overtime that evening.

But our relation is somehow complicated. Real shame because I really like her. I only spoke a few seconds with her but that evening I started dreaming.

About her, about us and the place we where that evening. Wish I had more time with her.

In a dream there are mostly more dreams. So after that wonderful adventure. I stept into a other one... With two beautifull girls on my hand in the most beautifull hotel I have ever seen. Also there were people playing table tennis in the first room. Then we went to the restaurant. After that search for a nice room. After a while we got back to are room.

Along the way we picked up a other girlfriend of mine. And we had a great time in that room. Watched a nice performance... thats all I am going to say about that. Because the rest is only for my mind ;-) 

>> Viperium - The Netherlands - News - 2011-08-30 12:29:11 - Comments

So I went on holiday with my friends and I really had the time of my life.

Friday: Arrival and scouting the place.
Saturday: Shopping and sitting by the river after that bbq.
Sunday: Kayaking on the river for 8 kilometers and at home, we went out for dinner at a italian restaurant.
Monday: Safari zoo like adventure and when we came home I made pasta. We went hiking that evening. That was really great.
Tuesday: We visited some caves in Aywaille. That was really amazing. After that we went out for dinner at a restaurant.
Wednesday: I went shopping again today, For dinner I made Nasi for 14 people and everyone loved it.
Thursday: A group of us went to some ruins and a other part went to a chocolatery, where they made chocolate. After that we searched for a swimming pool. But we were denied. We went out for dinner that evening.
Friday: Departure 7,5 hour drive due to weather a faulty tomtom and dropping someone off.

After vacation:
Saturday: pooling in Mingel, dinner at the chinees and saboteur with friends at Erwin. After that a shortwhile in Mingel with Mariette.
Sunday: Cocktail evening. With meibock variation. Was great.
Monday: Swimming with mariette and erwin.

What a great time that was...

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